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Eco-Luxury In.Fluence Mood Mists



In.Fluence Mood Mists By Freedom Scents

Create your sensory havens with this range of eco-temporary room sprays. Made with only natural, non-toxic, botanical ingredients In.Fluence Mood Mists by Freedom Scents are sustainably chic!

Formulated to enhance your space & mood, available in a range of unique fragrances each mist has the MHz & plant power to positively influence the energetical structure or ‘vibe’ of a space.

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Forest, sun-baked earth & tree sap, creamy-nutty, balsamic, lichen, red grape undertones & powdery Iris overtones



Juicy sweet, sharp & bright, fresh, sparkly. Honeydew nuances, succulent, appley,  spicey



Mouth watering,
fruity-floral, juicy-sweet, lingering gourmand nuances

Sky Blue High


Citrus highs, lingering at the very sweetest edge of aromatic herbs, soft vanilla base notes

Dawn Garden


Deep tropical sweet, oriental spice, pineapple notes, clean.


Mood Enhancing Home Fragrance

In a choice of five fragrance sprays, each with an irresistible scent & specific aromatic influence.

Each room mist is a complex Botanical Perfumer's blend of 100% organic & wild-crafted plant ingredients, that not only smells great but is formulated with different purposes in mind.

Such as soothing, calming Radiant to help relax & de-stress - from the sitting room to the bedroom.

Cheerful, motivating Canyon or Citrussy Sky Blue High for a refreshing & energising mood mist, room spray that positively uplifts & revitalises the home, studio or workplace.

Mood Mist Minis are ideal for travel and freshening up a car with just one spritz!

Homey! For any space at any time at home & on holiday to help rest, play & unwind. For clarity, peace, balance & happy relaxation.

Dawn Garden brings a natural high & transports one to a zen state For elevated contemplation

Dedicated to sustainability, In.Fluence Mood Mist refills are available, providing more affordable options to promote sustainability for the planet.

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